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With the help of World Food Programme we are fighting hunger every day, whether we’re saving lives in an emergency or nourishing the bodies and minds of children by providing school meals.It takes just one dollar to fill four cups with nutritious meals. Working together, we can build a world without hunger.

Photos & Stories

displaced volunteers help wfp offload food at Mukasa site (2)_0

Central African Republic: 9 Hunger Facts

The conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR) has driven hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. Amid ongoing insecurity, WFP is distributing food assistance to families in need. Here are nine key facts about the hunger crisis in CAR. 1. Because of the conflict, an estimated 2.6 million people in CAR currently need…

South_Sudan 2099_FS

South Sudan: Saving Lives in the Midst of Ongoing Crisis

After violence spread rapidly in South Sudan’s capital city of Juba starting exactly a month ago, insecurity and instability continue to plague the world’s youngest nation. Our Head of Program for East Africa, Nipin Gangadharan, is overseeing our operations in South Sudan and this week issued the following statement. Finding and reaching these people is…


Escalating Violence Threatens Thousands in the Central African Republic

After suffering a coup in early 2013, the Central African Republic was left with a challenging humanitarian situation, with an estimated 1.5 million citizens in need of assistance. In December, conditions deteriorated further as escalating violence threatened the lives of thousands of people already living on the brink of survival. Residents of Bossangoa, a town…


For VolunteersFor VolunteersHarness the collective giving power of your friends, family, and co-workers.

Many of our supporters approach us asking what they can do, beyond a simple donation – the answer is harnessing the collective giving power of your friends, family, and co-workers, and simultaneously spreading awareness of Action Against Hunger.

For StudentsFor StudentsSpread the word against hunger and learn ways to fight against hunger.

Want to help us spread the word about hunger? We have a range of resources for students and educators to learn more about global hunger, and see what fellow students are already doing to fight deadly hunger!

For Aid ProfessionalsFor Aid ProfessionalsSupport our Action Against Hunger while enhancing your company’s brand value.

By partnering with us your company can make a real difference in the fight against hunger. In a range of ways, companies are helping to make us better at what we do,often by sharing their equipment, staff and expertise.

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